Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More beards.

Yesterday I saw a woodpecker, nothing too uncommon about that, but I actually saw it wood pecking in a furious manner - a first. A shock of red hair, dressed in black and white, wild eyes and head banging - a proper punk woodpecker.

I found this quite exciting and was now keenly looking for birds. I spotted a bald eagle lolloping through the air, in Surrey! On closer inspection it was a crow awkwardly carrying a bread roll. An easy mistake that many have made before, and many will in the future.

I'm now an amateur twitcher. This morning I saw a swan doing the caterpillar. This Boogaloo Swan was actually having a bath before trying it on with a lady swan. She wasn't interested and flew off in the direction of Homebase.

Anyway, new work.

I'm still on beards and medieval activities. I'm drawing a line under this for a while now though and attempting to re-discover my looser self.

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