Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Party Popper or Party Pooper?

Shark has arrived, and nobody really knows if he's brought a present, or is about to eat everything in sight.


  1. Hello Jamie, are you all right? I'm a Brazilian illustrator, and I really appreciate your work. Very nice to have found your blog! I have the book "this is my bible," and I love the illustrations, always inspire me! A big hug from Brazil.

  2. Hello, Leo. Thank you for the kind words! I see that we both have Bible artwork in our past. Your art is very inspiring too - great characters and use of colour! I'm following your blog... stay in touch!

  3. i think he's just looking for Nemo.

  4. Hello, Illustration poetry!

    I really, really wanted the family to be bright orange clownfishes, but little Nemo made it impossible. *shakes fist at Nemo*